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One Of A Kind Bag. Material Like No Other!

Established in 2009, carrotpepper is a small independent company specialising in the design and production of ladies bags which up until now have been sold exclusively in small private boutiques and to private clients.

Using a simple shape that never goes out of style, the handmade bags are unique due to the exceptional care and attention to detail that goes into the making of every single bag. Each bag is designed and hand-made using colourful and unique Japanese fabrics. The imported Japanese fabric is hand-picked and used in small quantities therefore ensuring designs are limited and you would never see anyone with the same bag as yours! 

Irene Kusuma, the brain behind the brand, hails from the Land of the Rising Sun and remains as passionate about the creation and quality of each bag as the very first day when she started this exclusive line. She devotes her time wholeheartedly right from the start of each creation, whether it’s sourcing of unique materials in Japan to the last final stitching in her spacious workshop in Singapore, Irene makes sure every process is perfect.  She says “I’d only make bags that I could see myself carrying. I try to satisfy every requirement my clients give me and I take much joy in seeing their smiles and satisfaction in the finished item.”

Go on now and start your exclusive shopping today at carrotpepper from the comfort of your home!  We guarantee you’ll be beaming with joy when you receive your gorgeous quality bag! 


Welcome to Live it, Gorgeous!

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