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BottomsUPP droplets Homme Island Jolly Jane's salt & pepper Etrican Ceely ZAK Totes & Liv Frost

Shoppes Featured Seller - BottomsUpp

Started in 2011, BottomsUpp set out to create an E-commerce platform to bring you a different and wider variety of clothes. In order for consumers to have ease of purchase and convenience, the website was designed in such a way that it will be easier and faster for girls to view, buy and pay.

The founders of BottomsUpp started out with a mindset and goal to build an international brand that would reach out to international online shoppers and to share their love for fashion.

It has been a tough but enriching experience thus far to create a brand that is homegrown and nurtured in Singapore, but at the same time, following the different unique trends and fashion that could make an impact not only locally, but also in foreign fashion scenes.

The team of two from BottomsUpp, Annabelle and Selina started the E-commerce website to express their love and passion for fashion in the apparels that are carefully and personally handpicked from Korea. They want to share their unique collection and hope to find value and provide satisfaction to all the female shoppers.

But it has not been all a bed of roses. “The initial setup was very time consuming, as we had to cover everything ourselves. We had to take note of all the little details—from handling customers’ request to responding to their demands, in addition to coordinating fashion shoots between models and photographers.  We also had to mix and match the outfits for the fashion shoots. Doing all this on our own, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds or looks,” stresses Selina.

Despite facing stiff competition from the various blogshops set up in Singapore, the two lovely ladies managed to break through with their unique and untypical designs. They often travel to Korea to choose unique apparels that cannot be found in Singapore. That sets them apart from everybody else. At BottomsUpp, you can mix and match the clothes to accentuate your style and display your individualism.

BottomsUpp is a firm believer of selling apparel with quality material and providing excellent customer service. It is no wonder then that the online fashion business has seen its mailing list and customer base grow steadily.

Annabelle said, “Fashion is ever-changing and with BottomsUpp, you can define your character and attitude with our collection of clothes. Allow our clothes to portray your individual styles without inhibitions. “

Selina added, “We love to experiment with different looks and the various ways to match our clothes and one day we hope to be trendsetters in our own ways.

Bottomsupp is every modern woman’s urban fairytale where you can be your own knight in shining armour. Be Bold and Beautiful, BottomsUpp!

Welcome to Live it, Gorgeous!

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